Two Mukhi Rudraksha

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This powerful rudraksha represents unity. This shows unity in diversity. 2 mukhi rudraksha is accompained by two devas i.e Chandra dev and surya dev. This rudraksha is very auspicious to control breath. It helps wearer in making himself young and always active. This rudraksha gives better understanding in making cordial relationships with people.

It is suggest to wear this rudraksha if you are going to start something new. It is also advisable to wear two mukhi rudraksha if you often find differences with your loved ones. This rudraksha also have powers to control kidney related problems.

Every person male or female who is facing problems related to progeny can wear this rudraksha for better results. This rudraksha is very powerful and indicates power of shiva and shakti (parvati). To gain blessings of shiva and parvati both, one can wear this.

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