Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

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Ten Mukhi rudrakasha represent Lord Vishnu. Wearer of 10mukhi rudraksha recives blessings in from of good nature, harmony, wealth, prosperity. This rudraksha is very effective for success in administrations and legal functions. Ten faced bead helps to overcome negativity. Fears and and helps to develop sound mind.

Lord Vishnu being the owner makes this bead powerful. People who are in Business, Consultation Orofessions, Owners of Multiple chaincompanies, Leaders or political leaders, directors, advisors, basically people who are risk takes are always get benefitted by this rudraksha .

This rudraksha must be worn By the person who desire worldly pleasures, huge business & richness. This rudraksha helps in protecting the hard earned money, and protect wearer from enemies.

Ten Mukhi rudraksha gives power of creation and preservation . It Gives Success in legal matters or debts. Ten Mukhi rudraksha helps wearer by protecting from all kind of problems.

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