Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is very powerful bead own by goddess Lakshmi. The wearer gets immediate blessings after wearing it, in form of opportunities and wealth. If someone face theft, abuse, adultery or sins related these must wear this Rudraksha gets prosperity by blessings of Lakshmi. This bead removes bad luck and provides health & wealth. If someone is facing long-standing miseries and issues, that get erased after wearing it.

Seven face Rudraksha is very helpful in controlling muscular pain or pain caused by arthritis. This bead can also cure sexual issues (impotence). Wearer get relief from stomach ache, periods issues, spern counts, Dumbness, and weakness. It is good for business as well as who is in a Job and want to success, Promotion and Wealth.

This bead removes malefic effects of Saturn/ Rahu. If one is facing sudden fall in status, long time diseases, delays in promotions or delay in any work they want to start, a person must wear this. By wearing this, man can progress in business or job and can spend a happy life. It can be worn on daily basis.

Seven Mukhi rudraksha also work very well when worn some special combinations for business growth, after proper mantra/siddhi done.


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