Five Mukhi Rudraksha

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5 Mukhi Rudraksha is most commonly used rudraksha. This Rudraksha helps the wearer to always be on the path of truth and makes him wealthy. Five mukhi rudraksha bring fortune, academic excellence and have a relaxing effect on the mind. This Rudraksha helps so much in improving memory and concentration. This is one the most commonly used and available rudraksha in the market.

This Rudraksha represents panch, mukhi Shiva. Anybody who is suffering from blood pressure, heart ailments, health issues regarding lives, kindly, anxiety or obesity can wear this. This Rudraksha has special and tremendous results when worn by children. This should be kept in mind that after wearing rudraksha, one must drink a lot of water as it can sometimes dry your throat out.  

It controls five elements i.e Agni, Jal, Vaayu, Aakash or Prithvi, in the body of the wearer, therefore, this rudraksha kills all diseases of a person in all weathers. As this rudraksha is governed by ‘Brihaspati’ that is why it must be worn on Thursday after proper mantra. It gives a person name and fame also.

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