Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

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Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is Governed by Lord Ganesha. This rudraksha is said as a Direct blessing from him. It improves intelligence & intellect in a Person. Wearer of this rudraksha gets analytical mind, great understanding & Good writing Skills. If a Person wants fame in artistic field must wear this for fame, excellence in his art and prosperity.

As Ganesha is Known as ‘Vighanharta’ this rudraksha is known as ‘obtacle remover’.

If one is suffering from any kind of nervous system related issue, prostate, gail bladder problems or any breathing issue, can wear this rudraksha for better results.

This Eight mukhi rudrakasha is very helpful is maintaining children who have diverted minds . it boost memory and improves concentration. If your child catch evil eye (nazar) so fast, then this bead is the ultimate solution for you. Wearer of this rudraksha always remains protected from evil eyes, ghosts or pishach.

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